The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department (PVVFD) is very proud of its commitment to train our membership. We have many programs that not only train/educate our personnel, but also challenge them. We have distinct steps of progression to help members achieve personal and organizational goals.


- New members begin with 16-hour "Intro to the Fire Service" modules.

- 104 hour Recruit class (also known as BOOTER class). Meets state requirement for Basic Firefighting.

- Training to prepare for various levels of State certification (State of Tennessee Commission on Firefighting). Firefighter I and II, Haz-Mat Awareness and Operations, Fire Instructor, Fire Officer, etc.

- Live Burn requirements (In house and send members to TFACA)

- Driving program for various apparatus (Engine, Squad, Tanker, etc.)

- Company Officer/Shift Commander development program

- Monthly Departmental training on various subjects

- Out of town training opportunities (classroom and hands-on)



The PVVFD strives to provide realistic and challenging training to our personnel. This will build confidence and competency in the services we provide. Through this commitment, we will raise the bar not only for our responder, but for the communities that we serve.

Train like your life depends on it, because it does. Stay safe.