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The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department (PVVFD) is proud of their commitment to fire and life safety. Although the amount of lives we save cannot be tracked, we know our programs continue to make a difference. The Fire Department is able to reach over 3,000 students in the month of October for Fire Prevention Month. We are dedicated to the well-being of our communities in which we serve. We believe that even one life lost is too many…


The Fire Safety House was awarded to the PVVFD from a Federal Grant. We have had this for over 10 years and many of the elementary school children are familiar with this equipment. The Fire Safety House is used at all of the Elementary Schools throughout the PVVFD District. Each student has the opportunity to go inside and learn about fire and life safety. While inside the Safety House we teach the students about a few different topics. Some examples are: smoke alarms, crawl low under smoke, safe meeting place, and get out and stay out.    
The Fire Sprinkler Trainer was awarded to the PVVFD from a Federal Grant. The Fire Sprinkler Trainer is not only used all around the county, but it is used State-wide and has even traveled to different states to demonstrate the benefit of residential and commercial Fire Sprinklers. The PVVFD makes sure that the Middle Schools in the district are able to see the demonstration of Fire Sprinklers. This trainer also is used at different community events and has been taken to different businesses as well. Fire Sprinklers Save Lives!
Meet Patches and Pumper! If you have a child who has been through our fire prevention program – they know exactly who Patches is! Patches was awarded to the PVVFD from a Federal Grant. We have had Patches for over 10 years, but the students love him and we can’t have a prevention program without his help. Patches is a robot, who can talk with the students. He will drive around in his Fire Truck, flash his lights, turn on his sirens, and on a warm day even spray some water! We love Patches and the students do too!