For more than 20 years I have had the privilege of serving my friends and neighbors as a proud member of the fire service in Cheatham County. It is currently my honor to serve alongside the members of the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department as Deputy Chief. It is a true pleasure to serve a community where my friends and family live, and where my children go to school.

I have a passion for the fire service, and for the value it brings to the community. But true value doesn’t happen by accident. It is my belief that you have to take care of firefighters in order that they may be at their best to take care of citizens. PVVFD is a fire department that understands excellence and the steps necessary to achieve it.

Following its guiding principles, PVVFD expends its resources in pursuit of firefighter training, crisis prevention education, and investment in the people and infrastructure necessary for excellence. We train, and we train hard. We equip our personnel so that when you’re at the most vulnerable moment in your life, a PVVFD firefighter is the person you most want to see at your door.

All that we do is for the purpose of ensuring the finest quality of life possible for each person who lives in our service area. I am a blessed man that my life’s vocation provides safety and relief to others. In pursuit of that mission, we are always available and encourage your suggestions and concerns.

Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of you and your family.

Chief Noe